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State Report Card

How well does Utah’s healthcare system work?

The Commonwealth Fund's State Scorecard on Health System Performance 2014 ranked Utah 19th overall in health care quality compared with other states.

Utah scored highest on:

  • Avoidable Hospital Use and Cost. The state ranked fourth in this area.
  • Healthy Lives. Utah ranked fourth overall. This category includes rates of smoking, overweight children, and deaths from colorectal cancer, among other categories.

Utah scored more poorly on:

  • Access to Care (ranked 39th).
  • Prevention and Treatment (ranked 28th).
  • Equity (ranked 25th).

Utah performs strongly on:

  • Home Health Care – including home health patients who get better at walking or moving around.
  • Hospital Care – including hospitalized patients given information about what to do during recovery at home and hospital admissions for ambulatory care sensitive conditions.

Areas where Utah could improve significantly are:

  • Nursing Home Care – including the number of residents with an antipsychotic medication and residents with dementia who receive an inappropriate medication for their condition.
  • Child Health Care – including medical and dental preventive care and mental health care.

Overall, Utah has a relatively healthy population with a health care system that performs well in many categories.  However, there is still room for improvement.  Reporting on quality measures is one way to applaud effective efforts and also a way to encourage better performance.  When consumers engage actively in following reports, and use them to make health care decisions, individuals benefit from better care and the system as a whole is pushed organically toward providing better care at a better value.  Involvement from consumers can also bring to the forefront issues that require broader public attention.

Does Utah Measure Up?

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